The Care We Deliver is More than Appreciated

It is our mission to provide Health, Hope, and Happiness to all we serve. Every day we are committed to providing compassionate care to all of our residents. The staff at Sunrise Terrace understand that they are here working for the residents, not just completing tasks to receive a paycheck. As you can decipher from the testimonials below, “We care” and this sets us apart from our competition.

“I so appreciate all the dedicated staff at Sunrise and the excellent care they give the residents.”

“You were highly recommended. If I need this care again, you are my main stay!”

“Everybody here was very considerate and smiley.”

“I appreciate all you do and highly recommend your facility to anyone who needs that type of care.”

“Everyone here has been very kind and caring and I’ve enjoyed the food, a lot. If I have to be somewhere other than home, Sunrise is where I’d like to be. The therapy team has done a great job getting me back on my feet.”

“I’m going home thanks to all of you! Without your help, I would have never made it. I’ll miss all you girls waiting on me hand and foot, you’ve made my stay an enjoyable one!”

“I wouldn’t know where else in the country you could go to get better care than Sunrise Terrace. Staff were friendly. One heck of a place you’ve got here!”

“You took good care of me – above and beyond!”

Remember, when it comes to choosing who delivers your care, you have a choice. Choose Sunrise Terrace Nursing & Rehabilitation Center to Get Well…Go Home sooner!

Sunrise Terrace

Sunrise Terrace