Sunrise Terrace Hosts Annual Mini-Convention for Staff

The Iowa Health Care Association (IHCA) holds an annual convention each September that Sunrise Terrace management staff attend to keep up with the latest changes in long term care. We often come away from the three day education with our arms full of new information and ideas to implement in order to provide the best care to our residents and go above and beyond to meet their needs. It is great that management staff come away with more knowledge and have ideas to make changes within their departments, but this knowledge must reach the front line workers in order to make a difference for our residents. Therefore, we hold our own mini-convention for all staff and bring the same fun-filled, positive experience that IHCA provides its attendees.

This year’s theme was Face the Challenge, Create the Magic – a very fitting theme for all the health care changes coming our way. In spite of the challenges we are currently facing, it is our job to ensure we create magic for our residents each and every day.

We held two education sessions, one in the morning and one if the afternoon. Each of which consisted of three, fifty minute classes. Our first class was on the importance of overall quality and the direction we must take in order to stay ahead of our competition and provide the best possible care for our residents. The second class was on Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI), a new regulatory process we must follow to address quality issues and concerns. The last class was on antipsychotics reduction and the interdisciplinary team approach that must be taken to keep our facility’s antipsychotic rate low and keep our residents quality of life at the highest level.

A delicious breakfast was served by our talented Dietary Manager, Abby Tuttle, with homemade cinnamon rolls, chocolate muffins, and fresh fruit. Lunch was equally as delicious as we provided Subway sandwiches, three choices of coup, cookies, and homemade chex mix that prepared by our very own Activities Coordinator, Rhonda Connop.

And then, the fun began. Those who followed directions and successfully registered for the morning and afternoon sessions were dealt a card from a fresh desk of cards, where half of it was cut and placed into a basket. Three lucky winners were then drawn from the basket and came on stage to answer four questions in regards to our handbook. For each question they answered correctly, they received a rabbit to throw into a giant magician hat. Then, for each rabbit they made in the hat they won a prize.

It was a fun day and we plan to hold a sixth, award winning, mini-convention for all staff in 2016!


Our three winners were Christina Huss (Dietary Services), Jenny Jacobs (Housekeeping), and Sam Trejo (Nursing). The room was crowded, and as you can see, one of the best views was through the chapel windows as our vendors and employees watched with excitement.


Sam Trejo, our first shift charge nurse, took her shot at winning $100 after answering all four questions correctly. Go Sam!


A sneak peek of our studious, yet fun, talented staff! #GoTeam! IMG_0337



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