Our team uses a team-based approach to help patients “Get Well…Go Home” safely after hospitalization for a stroke.

We have a professional rehabilitation team which includes physicians and nurse practitioners, licensed nurses and certified nursing assistants, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists, a dietitian and social worker. Our goal is to help you fully recover as soon as possible and return home medically stable with the skills to perform daily living tasks.
We will work with you as a team to stabilize your medical condition as well as improve your strength and functional status. You and your family will receive education on recognizing early signs and symptoms that could complicate your recovery.

Our services include, but are not limited to: pain management, patient and family education, speech therapy (ST) to provide exercises and training in articulation, swallowing and cognition. Physical therapy (PT) to provide exercise and training to improve strength, endurance, flexibility, ambulation and balance, assistive devices such as a brace, cane, walker or wheelchair may be recommended before returning home. Occupational therapy (OT) to focus on upper body and fine motor strength and coordination and promotes independence in areas of daily living such as bathing, dressing, toileting and dining. Adaptive equipment is assessed and provided as needed to achieve the highest level of independence. Our speech therapist and registered dietitian will assure nutrition and safety with swallowing if you need help regaining the ability to eat. Our social worker will work with you, your family and your rehabilitation team to coordinate your sate transition home.

Our Goal is to help you “Get Well…Go Home” after hospitalization in a manner that is safe and minimizes your risk of re-admission to the hospital.

We have successfully returned 126 patients home after rehabilitation at  Sunrise Terrace Nursing and Rehab!

This is what our patients have to say about our Transitional Care Program:

“The hospital didn’t give me much hope, when I came in, I didn’t think I’d be able to go home. Now I’m better than before. Everybody was so good.”  Wanda Linder

“No complaints, therapy made me work, they were good, and that’s why I’m going home. I was lucky to come here. Good bunch of people.” Butch Johnson

“My therapist cared and worked with me so I could return home.” Shirley Finke

“This is a great service you provide here. Everyone was friendly and considerate. Therapy really helped get me back on my way.” Julia Bletscher

“If I ever need to be somewhere, this is the best place to be.” Eva Kepper

“Oh yes, I would recommend them! All the staff work with you in a caring and encouraging way t o do different things. They go that extra mile.” Connie Barnes

Perhaps the best way to understand the welcoming environment and dedication of our staff, is to visit