Join us for National Nursing Home Week

National Nursing Home Week at Sunrise Terrace


2-3:00 PM            Mother’s Day Tea*


10:30 AM             Making Mariachi Music

11:30 AM             Mexican Meal

2:30 PM               Churros


7-9:00 AM           Community Omelet Breakfast*

2:00 PM               Variety Show*


10:30 AM             Sombrero Toss

11:00 AM             Spanish Lesson

2:30 PM               Worship

3:30 PM               Children’s Soccer*


11:00 AM             Macarena/Cowboy Jim

5:00 PM               Community Fish Fry*


10:30 AM             Piñata Party

2:00 PM               Margarita Bar

3:45 PM                Mexican Soda

National Nursing Home Week is just around the corner! The theme this year is “Bring on the Fiesta”, encouraging homes to utilize a Mexican flair in their special events for residents, community members, families, and staff. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the vital role long term care facilities play in our communities and to showcase our specialties, while having fun in the process. We hope you can join us for several of our events. Specifically, we invite you to the variety show, community fish fry, children’s soccer, community omelet breakfast and Mother’s day tea; each of which have a (*) after their name on the schedule.

Sunrise Terrace

Sunrise Terrace