Employee Monthly Celebrations

Monthly Celebrations

Each month all staff at Sunrise Terrace are charged with meeting three goals that align with our mission to provide health, hope and happiness to all we serve. It is our way of keeping them knowledgeable about our services, what is expected of them, and the regulations we must follow each and every day to keep our residents safe and our quality measures at the highest of levels. The last Friday of the month we celebrate the success we’ve made towards these goals and provide all employees a special lunch. It also provides an opportunity to introduce the next month’s goals.

May’s goals include:

  1. Achieve 90% attendance at our May in-service
  2. All residents who enjoy outdoors will go outside at their specified times of choice
  3. When asked, all employees will know the answer to at least three customer service questions that were discussed at April’s in-service

Goals stem from monthly data collection through various reports and feedback that we receive from residents and their families.

Sunrise Terrace

Sunrise Terrace